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Intelliglot begins with a foundation of knowledge and experience. I've studied business strategy frameworks for many years, and have even created some of my own. And I have tested these in practice, especially while running a language service company.


But I recognize that every company in this same industry is unique. To truly help you, Intelliglot will get to know your business, your people, your pain points, and your objectives. I believe a large part of any solution is first clearly identifying the goals. This helps ensure you don't get lost along the way.


I'm here to help you reach your goal. This is best achieved by finding a balance between the ideal and the day-to-day. I match any combination of these proven solutions to your real needs.  These frameworks are built to be flexible and customizable, but still ensure a structured approach.


Intelliglot provides the tools and experience to guide you and your team to a lasting solution together.

Chris Carter, President
  • Two decades in the language industry

  • Recent President of the Association of Language Companies (ALC)

  • ALC Board of Directors the past 7 years

  • Taught workshops on profitability

  • Frequent presenter on technology in the industry

  • Tripled the net profit of an LSC as Managing Director

  • Started in the industry in operations management

  • Business strategy frameworks: EOS and Traction, Business Model Canvas, Porter's Five Forces, Boston matrix, Trout's 1-of-4, VMOST, SWOT, PESTLE, Ansoff

  • Experience designing and building several websites, including codiing in HTML, CSS, and PHP

  • Also studies:  marketing psychology, social psychology,  UX, gamification, futurism, linguistics, many languages

"It's not how much you make, it's how much you keep."

I helped launch a new initiative to connect students, schools, and employers to grow the pipeline of talent for the language industry. I'm still serving on that Board.


It’s true. I am obsessed with all things language.

  • at age 11, I started studying sociolinguistics

  • at age 12, I started formally studying Spanish and Japanese

  • at age 13, I decided I would study Linguistics at university (and I did)

  • by age 18, I had studied over 45 languages (6+ months each)


As a teenager, I used to sit on the sofa surrounded by both a stack of dictionaries and my cat and I would translate short texts into different languages as a way to learn them. I couldn’t walk past a bookstore (this was before the internet!) without going inside and looking through the Languages section.


To this day, I still research historical linguistics and sociolinguistics in my free time.  I have spent almost my entire life studying linguistics and languages from all over the world just for the sheer pleasure of it. Growing up I always heard, "Do what you love." I'm one of the lucky few that does. 

Does your business have challenges?