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Business Strategy

You're working hard, but are you working smart?
New Business Strategy / Plan

Maybe your business plan is outdated, or doesn't fit your current situation. Maybe you just don't think it is effective anymore. Are you even investing in the right markets or services? 

We can review your current growth plans. And we'll structure a plan and goals so that you and your team have a clear path to achieve them. We can adjust your current plan, or start over with a new one, whether lean and agile or traditional. We don't use a template, rather we pull from multiple strategy models to craft the right plan for your business. If you're a little lost, a well-crafted vision can give your team direction again.

Brand Repositioning

Are clients not sure who you are? Or what you do? Or why? Do you not stand out from the competition? If you're trying to gain more market share, or are about to expand into new markets, you may need to ensure your brand is fit for purpose. 

Based on internal and external analysis, we can help you confirm your niche and measure your competitive advantage against the market.  We will also help you update your brand identity and key messaging. 

Sometimes business slows because you have an identity crisis, and a structured pivot based on what the market really wants can make all the difference.

Launch a New Service Line

So you want to start providing a new service. Perhaps because you want to diversify. Or maybe because existing clients keep asking you for it. But you aren't sure where to begin and you want to make sure you get it right.


Our organized approach will help you set the proper goals, determine the exact resources you need, and analyze the impact that the new service will have on every aspect of your business.  And with an Implementation Plan and individual Action Plans, you and your team will know where to begin and how to finish this launch successfully.

Additional services
Advisor On Demand

*Monthly Subscription*

Up to a few meetings per month for feedback, advice, coaching, brainstorming, suggestions, or anything else you need to discuss. Great low-cost starter!

Partner On Demand

*Monthly Subscription*

When you need more frequent and deeper support. Unlimited calls. Several hours dedicated to researching and working on your business goals and problems.

Customized Solutions

After a detailed open and honest conversation, I help determine your true needs based on your goals. Intelliglot will put together a flexible work plan personalized to you. This can have a single specific deliverable, or can ask for continuous support as needed.

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Case Study: Being Special

One language service company was growing but a generalist, providing most services, in all languages, to all industries. Sales stagnated and more prospects commented that the company wasn’t “specialized” enough. Intelliglot helped them narrow in on a few industries with common, unique needs which fit the company’s existing resources, expertise, goals, and market opportunities.