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Marketing Solutions

Is your business's marketing being neglected?
New Marketing Plan

Marketing can be confusing. And it is often forgotten or ignored. There are so many ways to market a business, and too many options can make it difficult to decide which to invest in. 


We will review your current plan, or build a new one for you. After defining your marketing goals in the context of your greater business goals, we will determine the best activities for you to connect to the right audience. But you also need a realistic plan that you can keep up with. Make sure your clients not only know who you are, but they also know you.  Have a system that creates and grows those connections.

CRM Selection Support

You probably already have a customer relationship management platform (CRM). Are you happy with it? If not, let us help you find the right one for you.


After a review of your business and CRM needs, we will create a weighted criteria list. With our background working with and training in a number of mainstream CRM systems, we know how to properly match features to requirements. Also, because Intelliglot specializes in the language services industry, we already know many of the BMS, TMS, and other industry platforms you want to work with your new CRM. 

Pricing Strategy

Pushback on your prices? What does your pricing say about your brand? And was that intentional?

We take your observational feedback and combine that with metric analysis to find your pricing pain points. The problems could lie in your numbers, your framing, your positioning, or even your business goals. Purchase dynamics are driven more by psychology than mathematics.


We help you approach pricing as part of a growth strategy, not just a PnL value.

Additional services
Advisor On Demand

*Monthly Subscription*

Up to a few meetings per month for feedback, advice, coaching, brainstorming, suggestions, or anything else you need to discuss. Great low-cost starter!

Partner On Demand

*Monthly Subscription*

When you need more frequent and deeper support. Unlimited calls. Several hours dedicated to researching and working on your business goals and problems.

Customized Solutions

After a detailed open and honest conversation, I help determine your true needs based on your goals. Intelliglot will put together a flexible work plan personalized to you. This can have a single specific deliverable, or can ask for continuous support as needed.

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"I didn't really know where to start. You gave me the structure to be focused and productive."

Anne, CEO

Modern Building
Case Study: Communication not Confusion

One cultural consulting company knew their servcies were uncommon, but they couldn’t figure out how to explain those services clearly to prospects. Intelliglot helped them advance marketing qualified leads by building a messaging tree much more appropriate to their brand maturity, with hooking and layered brand education.