Profitability Support

The money comes in, but does it stay?
Profitability Audit

Is your business profitable? Is it profitable enough?

The language industry is still facing price compression, but increasing overall profitability is more than just cutting costs. We look at your direct and indirect costs, your inefficiencies, and your unprofitable strategies. Then we give you a boldly honest assessment of where the problems are and suggest corrective actions you could take. 

Don't just make more money, keep more money. Whether you are scaling up your company or looking to sell, profitability is key. 

Build a Comprehensive Profitability System

Even after you find the weaknesses in your profitabilty you need a plan to get back on track. And it can take time.

We examine all aspects of your business to create a Goal Pyramid and an Implementation Plan to boost your profitability. Engaging your entire team with individual Action Plans, we can give everyone the structure to contribute to your ongoing profit management goals.

Boost your business with habits and processes that will continuously improve your profitability.

Pricing Strategy

Pushback on your prices? What does your pricing say about your brand? And was that intentional?

We take your observational feedback and combine that with metric analysis to find your pricing pain points. The problems could lie in your numbers, your framing, your positioning, or even your business goals. Purchase dynamics are driven more by psychology than mathematics.


We help you approach pricing as part of a growth strategy, not just a PnL value.

Additional services
Advisor On Demand

*Monthly Subscription*

Up to a few meetings per month for feedback, advice, coaching, brainstorming, suggestions, or anything else you need to discuss. Great low-cost starter!

Partner On Demand

*Monthly Subscription*

When you need more frequent and deeper support. Unlimited calls. Several hours dedicated to researching and working on your business goals and problems.

Customized Solutions

After a detailed open and honest conversation, I help determine your true needs based on your goals. Intelliglot will put together a flexible work plan personalized to you. This can have a single specific deliverable, or can ask for continuous support as needed.

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"We were so busy looking at vendor costs we didn't see the real problems with our margins. You did."

Matt, Senior VP

Glass Buildings
Proven Success

As Managing Director of an LSC, I developed an enterprise-wide system to greatly raise our net and gross margins to above industry averages.