Intelliglot offers support with strategic planning, business planning, business analysis, sales and marketing strategy, operations development, profitability and efficiency development, and other strategic and tactical support. Whether you have a specific goal you need help accomplishing, or just need advice and support on demand, Intelliglot has you covered. 

Which type of services would you like to see?
Strategic Support Subscriptions

Sometimes you don't have a specific problem, but you would like direct access to support, when you need it, for whatever you need. These subscriptions offer you one-on-one consultative or strategic support or coaching services to upper management. You don't have to know right now what you want help with. But you can relax knowing that support is there any time you need it in the future. Intelliglot will be on call, ready to jump in and start helping. It's quicker. It's easier. It's anything you need.

"I just want occasional advice and feedback."

Advisor On Demand

*Monthly Subscription*

Up to a few meetings per month for feedback, advice, coaching, brainstorming, suggestions, or anything else you need to discuss. Great low-cost starter!

"I need frequent advice and support for whatever comes up."

Partner On Demand

*Monthly Subscription*

When you need more frequent and deeper support. Unlimited calls. Several hours dedicated to researching and working on your business goals and problems.

Packages and DIY Kits

Common services are available as packages, with specific goals and using a specific framework of tasks designed by Intelliglot to best achieve that goal. I help guide you and your team through these steps and also provide advice and consultation along the way. Some of these packages are also available as do-it-yourself kits, where Intelliglot puts together research, templates, and tools for you and your team to complete the process on your own. 


"My net profit is too low".

Profitability Boost

Examining many aspects of your business to create a Goal Pyramid and Implementation Plan using numerous templates for ongoing profit management.

"I need my service to be more productive."

Service Optimization

Assessing your company to set business goals for the service, and creating an Optimization Plan and Action Plans for the entire team to reach that goal.

"I want my tool to do more for me."

Tool Optimization

Determining your business goals with the tool, and using the Intelliglot Tool Matrix to build an Optimization Plan for testing, training, and execution.

Just For You

If you know what you need to accomplish, but you don't know how, and our packages don't seem to be quite right, I'll build the solution. In our industry, some challenges our common. But we are a big and diverse industry, and every day companies struggle with a issue but can't seem to find the right answer out there. So let me design one just for you.  

Customized Solutions

After a detailed open and honest conversation, I help determine your true needs based on your goals. Intelliglot will put together a flexible work plan personalized to you. This can have a single specific deliverable. Or you can ask for continuous support as needed.

"I have unique problems."

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